Sheep shears


Sheep breeding people inevitably face the need to shear them. For this complicated procedure, modern cutting machines are often used, but the relevance of scissors is still high. Sheep shearing is an indispensable tool for shearing, even with modern technology, because in some cases you simply cannot do without such hand tools!

When and why shear sheep?

Regular haircut has a positive effect on the purity of the fleece and its pomp

Shearing sheep wool breeds is usually 1-2 times a year (sometimes more often or less), depending on the age of the individual and the type of wool. The procedure is carried out with the aim of obtaining animal fur for further sale or use, as well as to ease the burden of the animal, because in such a fur coat it is not easy for animals to walk, especially in the hot season.

Interesting! Sheep shearing is carried out not only for profit or to ease the burden of the animal, but also to improve the quality of wool. Regular procedure has a positive effect on the purity of the rune, its pomp and other characteristics.

The shearing time may vary for different breeds of sheep and on different farms. Here plays a big role climate, farming, the type of stall in which the sheep live, the needs of the breeder and the breed of sheep. Held with a special clipper cutting machine or special scissors - the old-fashioned way. Sheep shearing was used in ancient times. And over time, this tool has not changed.

What should be shearing shears?

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Scissors should fit well in hand

Sheep shearing resembles two knives, which, thanks to a springy plate, are joined and separated during shearing. There are many types of scissors, different manufacturer, blade type, size. Of course, the better the quality of the material, the more expensive the product. This also applies to the manufacturer. As to the size, the length of the scissors is chosen exclusively individually to make it convenient to work. If you list all the most important qualities of working shears for shearing, they should be:

  • durable - it is best to take high quality stainless steel or high carbon steel;
  • acute;
  • comfortable;
  • moderately heavy or light (as someone like);
  • go well in hand.

At the moment there are two main types of scissors for shearing sheep - single and double.

Single scissors

Regarding which scissors is better - single or double, each thread has its own opinion. Professionals believe that you just need to try both options and then it will be clear which is better in this or that case. And although outwardly these tools are all similar, they have certain differences.

Sheep Shears Photo

Important! The quality of the resulting rune with a good haircut does not play a role like the type of tool used for the haircut, but only the health of the animal, the breed.

Single scissors are very similar to those used in ancient Rome (when they just appeared). They look pretty rough, and even primitive, tough - for a strong, masculine hand, but for a specialist they are quite convenient and practical.

Sheep Shearing Machine

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The special feature of double scissors is that they are heart-shaped at the handle. This allows them to go well in hand, reduces the load and simplifies the work. Scissors are easily compressed and unclenched. Experts claim that this option is suitable for beginners and people who often shear sheep.

Features hand clipping

Features hand clipping

Before you start the procedure of cutting, you need to follow some rules, otherwise problems may arise.

  1. With pregnant females you need to be very careful. Last haircut is carried out no later than a month before delivery!
  2. Grooming of lambs is carried out from 5 months, when their wool begins to reach 4 cm. Time should be in a warm, dry season.
Important! Dull sheep shearing is much easier to hurt the animal than sharp!
  1. As a rule, 24 hours before the procedure, sheep and rams are not fed or sang 12 hours before the procedure.
  2. Cutting with scissors can only be done on a dry rune.
  3. The haircut is usually carried out in the spring, in the summer or in the early autumn - so that the new wool has time to grow until the cold season. This is especially important in cases where there is no well-insulated, equipped for the winter stall.
  4. You can not cut the sick sheep because the procedure can aggravate the condition of the animals.

Before cutting, you need to sharpen scissors well, check their condition and prepare spare ones, just in case. Young breeders often take only one scissors, but during the shearing they can break, jam - the spare ones never hurt, because it is not recommended to stop the procedure in the middle of the performance.

Disadvantages of scissor cutting

Sheep shearing is convenient if the flock is small. But there is this option for haircuts and certain disadvantages.

  1. Shearing sheep with scissors takes a lot of time, at least in comparison with machine shearing.
  2. Without a certain amount of skill, you can spoil the fleece.
  3. Scissors - a sharp, dangerous tool, so you need to handle them carefully, otherwise you can cut yourself or cut the skin of an animal.

When choosing scissors for shearing sheep, their material, type of blades, weight and much more should be taken into account. Even the purpose for which they are bought (as a basic or additional tool) plays a big role. Experts say that saving on such things is not worth it - a quality thing will last for many years and will not cause problems in operation.