How to get rid of rats in the hen house?


When breeding chickens, sooner or later in the chicken coop rats are infested. This is quite natural, because in the chicken coops warm, dry, there is water and food - the perfect place for any rodent. The problem is that rats can harm the household, not to mention people. How to get rid of rats in the hen house will be described in this article.

What are dangerous rats?

For chickens, rats are very dangerous for many reasons. If you look superficially, then these birds are elementally shy, and rats running under their feet are not the best means of relaxation. So the noise in the hen house where these unwanted guests dwell is quite common. But it's not just the nervousness of poultry. So what are the rats threatening?

Rats in the hen house photo

  1. They carry infectious diseases, parasites that are dangerous not only for poultry, but also for animals (dogs, cats, household animals), and even humans!

Interesting! It is believed that the rats will never settle where the mice live and vice versa. But if there are no rats, it does not mean at all that the breeder is lucky, it is quite possible that there are mice in the hen house, and this is not much better - you should also get rid of them!

  1. Rats - the cause of the constantly missing feed in the feeders. Many breeders, not knowing that they have bred rats, do not understand why chickens start to eat more - the food literally disappears on the laz and not only from the feeders, but also from stocks in bags! The reason is in rats (sometimes in mice). One rodent eats not a little, and if they are 20-30, 50 or even 100? On large farms, hordes of these dangerous creatures are not uncommon, so you need to regularly deal with them so as not to go broke at the stern!

  2. Rodents steal eggs. And not only rats do it, but also mice. For them, eggs are a delicacy - the best food, is, by the way, one of the reasons they often settle in chicken coops.

  3. An adult rat will easily crush and eat a small chicken. So not only eggs are threatened, but also young!

  4. Over time, chickens get used to the rats, but the problem does not go anywhere. Multiplying, rodents dig tunnels under the hen house, can undermine the building, and it is dangerous collapse. In general, nothing good either for chickens or for a breeder's wallet.

  5. The smell in the chicken coop with rats has an unpleasant ammonia notes.

Modern methods of struggle

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Rats - the age-old problem of man. From the very moment when a man began to breed chickens, a question appeared - how to get rid of rats in a hen house? They always come unexpectedly and do great harm. So it is not surprising that people began to look for technological methods of pest control.

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Today, few people are surprised by the ultrasound device. They are battery powered or networked. When the device is turned on, it makes a sound, which is distinguished, as a rule, namely rats, moles, mice, rabbits - pests on the site. For them, this sound is frightening, very loud, nasty, so they run from it - they leave the hen house or in general from the site.

Important!Ultrasonic devices are not perceptible by humans, but they affect the body, so you should not be in a room with such a device for a long time.

When choosing such an ultrasonic machine, you need to take into account many factors. To begin with - the area of ​​the chicken coop, because the range of audibility of sound in different devices is different. For small rooms, Tornado 200, Elektrokot will be suitable; for larger rooms, Typhoon LS-800, Grad A-550, Chiston. At the same time, it is not recommended to choose a very cheap device, because it will work poorly. The effect of such devices is scientifically proven and yet many breeders complain about them.

Rat Control Chemicals

There are hundreds of different rat poisons, but not all of them can be used. And the main reason is that chickens and people can also be poisoned by them. Therefore, experts come up with a variety of chemical agents specifically to combat rodents.

Chemicals from rats photo

Important! Before you get rid of rats in the chicken coop with a chemical, you need to carefully study the instructions, precautions and possible consequences in order not to harm the chickens, yourself or the environment.

Chemistry is used for spraying, sprinkling powder around rat holes or for traps. Spraying poisons is usually left to the exterminator, because not everyone can do this work on their own. It is also dangerous to scatter the poison powder while the chickens are in the hen house, because they can also eat the drug, and yet this method is popular among breeders. Good medicines are considered "Kryds", "Zookumarin", "Rat death", "Gryzunoff", "Goliath" and "Radid-1".

Mechanical rat traps

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Among the effective folk remedies stand out mechanical traps. These can be bought or made on their own and catch the "villains" devouring chicken eggs.

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  1. The rat trap is placed in a box with holes (for the rats to enter). Inside put a very tasty treat (the same eggs). They set such traps higher so that chickens or chickens do not get caught in them and wait. Clean the rat traps daily.

  2. A simple plastic or iron barrel (most importantly high) is filled up to half with water. To her put the ladder from the outside. On this ladder rats will climb into the barrel to drink and just drown. It is important sometimes to clean the water, otherwise it will not be interesting to rats. And the smell from there will not be particularly pleasant.

Important! The method with a barrel and water will be effective only if all other water sources are removed (drinking bowls from the chicken coop, hoses in the garden or in the yard, where there is access to the rats).

  1. On sale there are boxes in which the rat can enter, but cannot exit. They were very popular at one time, but there is one caveat - you need to do something with caught rodents. Not everyone will be able to kill, and if so, is it not easier to use poison, and not spend days on dubious boxes?

Folk remedies for rats

Folk remedies for rats are tested in practice by many generations of breeders who also wondered how to get rid of rats in the hen house. They have been used since time immemorial and today they are no less popular than before and are very effective!

Folk remedies against rats photo

  1. Alabaster and flour are mixed in equal proportions. Then the mixture is laid out on a chicken coop (in secluded places or simply on the floor). Such a treat usually attracts rats immediately. But after they eat it, they start having stomach problems and as a result they will die. If there is no alabaster, you can use quicklime, and the flour is often replaced with sugar.

Important! Before using bait with alabaster, it is recommended to evict all birds from the hen house!

  1. "The rats are the first to flee the sinking ship" - this is true. After all, rats, like many other rodents, are acutely aware of any danger. If you remove all the birds and put a set of wool or woolen cloth in the chicken coop, smoke will quickly fill the chicken coop, and the rats will feel danger. It remains only to wait a bit so that they finally evicted, and you can again settle the chickens. True, this is a temporary measure - it does not work for a long time.

  2. Ash is an ancient remedy. It contains alkali, which eats away the skin on the legs of rats. You just need to scatter the ashes on the floor of the chicken coop. Such uninvited guests will not be able to endure for a long time and will simply leave. The main disadvantage of the method is that the chicken coop will be dirty - it is not so easy to get rid of the ash.

In addition, rats can not stand some odors. Without knowing how to get rid of rats in the hen house, you can try out these tools.

  • The stalks of tansy, chemist's chamomile or peppermint leaves are laid out all over the chicken coop and are hung under the ceiling - the rats cannot stand these smells! If there are no sprigs, you can wet any wooden sticks with the aromatic oil of these cultures, bought in the store.

Important! Some breeders use a wild rosemary plant against rats, planting it in a chicken coop, but for humans it is also unsafe - it causes headaches, dizziness, nausea.

  • The elder does not like rats, especially since not only the smell scares them - the roots of the plant are poisonous. You can put her in a chicken coop.

Cats and dogs

Cartoons, fairy tales, books describe that cats are opponents of mice and their instincts are designed to catch rodents. But in the modern world this opinion is being criticized. In ancient times, many houses started cats to fight rodents, and this was effective. Today, it is very difficult to find a real hunting cat.

Interesting! Purebred, homely, one might say, a sofa cat, would rather be scared of a big rat, and not catch it!

The cat teaches kittens to hunt in practice, but at home this practice is almost impossible. The game is just an imitation, not a real "field" conditions, so the hunting cat must be specially grown, or bought. A good cat that can catch mice, rats and even rabbits should live a real, rural life, half wild. Catching mice in childhood, he will easily catch rats when he grows up.

Catching rats photo

If there is no such wild cat and it is difficult to purchase it, you can buy a dog. Some breeds, like dachshunds and some species of terriers, are excellent rat catchers and moreover, are often bred and even trained for these purposes!

Even knowing how to get rid of rats in a chicken coop a breeder often fails. The reason is that people underestimate the intelligence of rats, but they are very smart rodents! Therefore, it is not necessary to postpone the extermination and it is recommended even to use several methods in the complex, only in this way, you can surely and purposefully destroy or drive away the rats.