When to sow cabbage on seedlings?


It is worth counting on a big crop of cabbage only in the presence of good seedling. But in order to get high-quality, ready for transplanting sprouts, it is worthwhile to sow the seeds in time. About when to sow cabbage on seedlings and how to do it will be discussed below in the article.

Features of sowing white cabbage on seedlings

Photo of white cabbage

Depending on how long the ripening of cabbage is, it is necessary to sow it for seedlings at a certain time.

  • When to sow early cabbage on seedlings? Early varieties need to be sown at about 10–20 days of March. At the same time, you can sow hybrids and red cabbage.
  • Mid-season cabbage is sown from the end of March to the end of April. Gardeners recommend sowing mid-season cabbage in the greenhouse, and not in the container, which stands on the windowsill. After all, the greenhouse allows you to grow more resistant and strong seedlings.
Important! Depending on the type of crop, the sowing date may vary, so you need to carefully examine the packaging before buying or sowing seeds.
  • Late cabbage ripens closer to the end of autumn with proper care. Therefore, you need to know exactly when to sow late cabbage on seedlings so that she has time to ripen before the onset of winter. As a rule, the procedure is carried out throughout April, so that she can grow up well before the transplant to a permanent place.

Before the transplant of white cabbage to a permanent place, at least 1.5 months should pass. Sometimes gardeners wait 2 months. It is very important that the sprouts are developed, strong, healthy, otherwise you can not expect a good harvest.

When to sow cabbage in Siberia, in the Moscow region and in the Urals?

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Depending on the region, the time when sowing cabbage to seedlings can vary significantly. Of course, a lot of factors play a role here, including the type of culture, its ripening period, but still the main climate.

Sowing cabbage

  • In the Krasnodar Territory, the Crimea and other southern regions of Europe and Asia, it is possible to sow cabbage from the beginning of February. The climate in the southern regions is mild, with quite predictable weather, so it makes no sense to drag on with sowing.
  • In the Leningrad Region, the Urals, and the Moscow Region, sowing works begin in March. This is quite a good time, not earlier, but not later - the seedlings will just reach the moment when warm weather is established outside, suitable for transplanting seedlings.
  • Siberia and other northern regions are famous for cold winters and quite cool in spring. It makes no sense to start sowing cabbage on seedlings before the end of March, otherwise the sprouts will simply stretch out and be painful.

When to sow cauliflower on seedlings?

Photo cauliflower

Cauliflower is planted in open ground or in the greenhouse when the seedlings are 45-50 days. It is advisable to sow the seeds several times per season with an interval of 15-20 days. The first time they sow in the second decade of March, and the last time - in the third decade of May.

  • Early varieties can be sown from the first half of March.
  • Mid-season cauliflower sown on seedlings from the first decade of April.
  • For late-ripening varieties, the procedure is carried out from mid-May.

Growing cauliflower is very demanding. For seed germination, it is necessary to be no less than + 16 ... +25 degrees, therefore, if it is not possible to provide seedlings with such a temperature, it is better to delay sowing.

Dates of sowing Peking cabbage

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Peking cabbage is one of the fastest species. For full ripening, it takes about 3 months, and for ripening seedlings, no more than 3-4 weeks are needed. For this reason, you can start sowing seeds for seedlings already from the second decade of March.

Important! It is recommended to sow cabbage seeds on the growing moon in order to increase yield.

Sowing Broccoli Cabbage


Before transplanting broccoli sprouts to a permanent place, seedlings should be 35-45 days old. From this period and need to build on. Sow this cabbage, as in the case of the color, several times with a break of 15-20 days. The first batch is sown around mid-March, and the last by the end of May.

  • Early varieties like "Tonus", "Corvette" can be sown from March 15 to April 15.
  • When to sow cabbage on seedlings, if it is mid-season? Here it is necessary to select the average time - April 15 - May 15.
  • Late-ripening broccoli begin to sow in mid-May. Such varieties are usually grown only in the southern regions, as in the northern ones they do not have time to ripen in time.

Other varieties of cabbage

Photos of different varieties of cabbage

In addition to the above types of cabbage, there are many more species. A few words should also be said about them.

  • Red cabbage is transplanted into the open ground after the seedlings turned 1.5-2 months. Based on this, you can pick a date for sowing seeds.
  • Brussels sprouts sown on seedlings from April 15th. Before its last transplant should take at least 45 days.
  • Kohlrabi seedlings ripen in just 35 days. Therefore, it can be sown already in the second decade of March in order to harvest as early as possible. Sowing is carried out several times, but only until June.
  • To ripen sprouts savoy cabbage need about 50 days. Savoy cabbage is sown from 10 to 20 March, if we are talking about early varieties. Mid-season species can be sown from 10 to 20 April, and later in early May.

How to sow cabbage on seedlings?

Sowing cabbage on seedlings

When sowing cabbage on seedlings, it is important to know not only the timing, but also the technology of sowing. In all types of cabbage, this process is very similar. First of all, it is important to find good trays, boxes or cups up to 10 cm deep. A couple of days before sowing, the earth is moistened with a solution of 2 Apirin-B, Gamair tablets and 10 liters of water.

Sow seeds in furrows made at a distance of 3 cm from each other. A distance of 1.5 cm is observed between the seeds. After sowing, the seeds are sprinkled with soil, compacted from above by hand and placed on the sill. The temperature for the emergence of shoots is +18 ... +20 degrees. After about 4-5 days you can observe the first shoots. They are thinned out in such a way that each germ has a territory of 2x2 cm. The first pick is done after 2 weeks. Cassettes for seedlings should be about 3x3 cm, and then, after another 3 weeks, you can dive into cassettes 5x5 cm.

Important! If the seedlings are stretched, you need to dilute 1 ampoule of the Atlet product in a liter of rainwater and water the sprouts at the root every 3 days. Per square meter is taken to a liter of fluid. Course - 3 irrigation.

With this cultivation technology, you can get very good seedlings for sale or use in the garden. Just do not forget about the care. Saplings, if necessary, must be treated from pests, diseases, fertilized, aired, tempered, watered and even loosen the soil.