The best grapes without pits


Grapes - the beloved culture of all. There are many varieties of this culture, having a particular purpose, as well as their own, characteristic features. Grape seedless has a high demand. It is tasty, convenient in processing, used to make raisins, less often wines or juice. The article describes the best, interesting varieties that are popular all over the world.

The best seedless varieties for growing

Looking at the description of the varieties from this category, we can safely say that these types of grapes are worth growing in their backyard.

Wheat variety Century, Kesha

  • "Century" - Mid-season white grapes, giving a crop for 120-125 days. Clusters of conical shape, about 900 g. Berries up to 8 g, oval, yellow-green. The flesh is dense, crunchy, the skin is thin, is used in food. The taste is delicate, there may be nutmeg notes, but they do not always appear. Not a big deal. Used for fresh sale and for making raisins.
  • "Kesha" - early grapes ripening in 115 days. Brushes about 400 g, dense. Berries within 4 g, rounded. The flesh is tender, juicy, the skin is usable. The color of the bubo is amber with a sandy hue, but during the collection period they may be green-yellow. Productivity to 6.5 kg.

Photo grape Kishmish Radiant, Kishmish Black and Black Finger

  • "Kishmish Radiant" - an early variety, the first berries can be tasted in 130-135 days. The vine is fast growing. Cluster up to 2 kg. Sponge up to 2 g, elongated, the color can be from pink to dark purple and depends on the degree of maturation. The flesh is juicy, with nutmeg notes. Application is universal. Differs in good transportability and cold resistance.
  • "Kishmish Black" - one of the oldest varieties. It has a pleasant taste, is distinguished by a high content of beneficial substances, thanks to which it is recommended in small quantities even to people with diabetes. It is a frost-resistant, productive black grape, but in order to produce good bushes, it requires painstaking care.
  • Black finger - a very prominent variety with incredibly attractive berries, ripening in 155 days. It has a table appointment. Clusters up to 2 kg, grow in the shape of an asymmetric cylinder. The berries are elongated, up to 3 cm, plump, about 14 g. The color is almost black. The taste of the pulp is simple but pleasant, with notes of nutmeg. Maintains frosts to -20 degrees.

White seedless grapes

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Knowing the description of the varieties of white grapes without seeds, it is much easier to decide on a purchase. Therefore, gardeners with experience never in a hurry to acquire a new variety, giving themselves time to look around, take a look at the price and only then make a final choice.

White grape photo

  • "Himrod" - early variety. The berries are small, green-yellow. The taste is unusual, the aroma is strongly pronounced. Used more often for the production of white wine. It is immune to fungal diseases and frost.
  • "Arsenyevsky" - ripens in 140 days. The clusters are massive, weighing 1.3-1.6 kg. Berries are large, weighing about 12 g. It can be stored for a long time both on the vine and in refrigerators. The presentation is not lost even after a long transportation. The taste is excellent. Frost resistance to -23 degrees.
  • "White Flame" - A variety that ripens in 90 days on average. The cluster is massive, it can reach up to 2.3 kg, but this weight is rarely observed. Berries about 5 g. Taste has floral notes, crusty peel, tender flesh. The shelf life is long. Transportability is low, so you need to carefully stack or wrap the clusters before a long transport. Frost resistance to -20 degrees.
  • "Marquis" - mid-season white grapes. The clusters are rykhlovaty, weighing about 600 g. The mass of berries is about 3-5 g. The color of grapes is amber, oval shape. Taste is pleasant, aroma strawberry. Resistant to frost, fungal diseases. It is a table variety, but it is often used in the production of wine.

Red seedless grapes

photo of red grapes

Red grapes can be found in almost every garden. It is very common because of its versatility and positive qualities. But not all gardeners grow seedless varieties, as such have become popular only recently. Below is a description of the seedless red grape varieties.

  • "Kenadis" - the most frost-free grapes without seeds. It can withstand temperatures down to -30 degrees! The berries are rounded, from pink to red. Refers to the table type, may lie after collection under appropriate conditions up to 4 months. Used for fresh consumption, preparation of juices. Taste is pleasant, slightly reminds a grade of "Isabella".
  • "Red Muscat" ripens in 115 days. Cluster weight, on average, 750 g. Berries up to 7 g, dense, red. Taste pronounced, muscat, from where the name went. Productivity from a bush to 5 kg. Sickly rare, resistant to frost.
  • Kishmish Saturn - ripens in 130 days. Bushes are vigorous. Brushes about 350 grams, conical, moderate density. Berries about 4 g, elongated, red. The flesh is sweet, dense. Yield is above average. The variety is resistant to frost down to -23 degrees and some fungal diseases.

Black grapes without bones

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Black grapes are not only different in benefit and taste, they also look very impressive in the garden and on counters. Growing it, as a rule, is not easy, as evidenced by the description of varieties, and the food for such a plant needs a special, but the work itself pays off when the first, sweet berries begin to ripen.

Photo of black grapes

  • "Black Sultan" gives a harvest for 115 days after the beginning of vegetation. Bushes are vigorous. The berries are medium in size, the clusters are not very large. Yield up to 200 kg / weave.
  • "Kishmish Jupiter" - A pretty young look of sultry. Clusters weigh about 400 g, berries up to 5 g, very dark, almost black, rounded. The taste of this black musk grape, fragrant. Productivity is high. Not afraid of cold winters.
  • Midnight Beauty or "Beautiful midnight" - early hybrid. Brushes up to 1.5 kg. The berries are slightly elongated, black after full ripening. Taste is pleasant, when biting berries crackle. The skin is thin, eaten.

Grapes without seeds today are not uncommon. Breeders brought a lot of varieties. They differ in color, shape, taste of berries, type of bunch and many other qualities. But in one, all these types are the same - to get a good harvest, you need to invest a lot of time and effort in caring for a crop.