Breeding quails as a business


Experienced poultry farmers claim that breeding quails as a business is a very profitable occupation. But if so, then why isn't it easy for everyone? Yes, the bird and its eggs are valued, and this is a known fact. But is their cost so great to recoup all the initial and subsequent expenses for the maintenance of quails? Below in the article we will talk about how to build a business on the breeding of this little bird and do not remain at a loss.

Business profitability

Quail and quail eggs

Long before you start your own business, it’s worth exploring the pros and cons of a venture. In the case of quail breeding, business reviews usually speak in favor of such an affair. Bird eggs are very much appreciated. They are 3-4 times more profitable than chickens in terms of demand, benefits and costs. It is believed that the profit from the business on their eggs can reach 100%, but only if the right approach to work.

But in the case of breeding poultry for meat, profitability reaches only 25%. Although there are many nuances, like precocity and a short productive cycle. On average, it is possible to recoup a business on quails in 6 months and this is very small, compared to the same chickens or other domestic animals.

The advantages of quail breeding

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Meat quails belong to the dietary type. It is very tasty and expensive. Do not sell cheap and bird eggs. They are also incredibly useful, long stored and in high demand. These are the main advantages of such a business, but not all.

Quail and quail

  • Quail grow fast. They are actively developing, they start to rush early. For meat cultivation, the production cycle lasts up to 3 months.
  • The cost of acquiring the first individuals, the organization of the house is much lower than in the case of chickens, turkeys, ducks or other domestic animals, which is due to the small size and unpretentiousness of the bird.
  • Breeding quails as a business is also beneficial because these birds almost never get sick. Diseases are extremely rare, with the wrong content.
  • There are not many competitors in this market. To breed a bird is, of course, beneficial, but not everyone has where to do it, and there are a lot of troubles.

Business disadvantages

Incubator and a diaper

There is no perfect business at all without problems, so that everything goes straight off. There are drawbacks in any business and you need to be prepared for them.

  • Quails do not incubate eggs, so it is imperative to acquire an incubator in order to independently maintain the number of individuals in the herd or even increase the economy.
  • Birds do not live long. They are kept for up to a year if they share the production of eggs, and those for meat - up to 3 months. This means that it is necessary to buy an incubator and engage in the breeding of young.
  • As mentioned above, breeding quails is troublesome. You need to be prepared for difficult, regular farm work.

Quail Breeding Business Plan

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Before you buy young stock you should prepare a business plan, plan everything, buy the necessary equipment and only then quails. In order to start breeding quails is worth a lot of money. A business plan involves the following initial expenses:


  • young animals;
  • rental of premises;
  • registration of a private enterprise;
  • stern;
  • incubator;
  • cells
Important! In order for a business to go well, it is worth initially to determine its direction and buy healthy, pedigree birds in order to receive from them the same healthy, purebred young.

On average, all this will cost about 800-850 dollars. In addition, if the business will increase (from 1000 quails and more), you will need to hire additional labor, as one family can not cope here! And these are additional expenses, but at the initial stage, when the economy is still small, they can be ignored.

Breeding quail at home

Quail breeding

It is important to understand that if the breeder decided to build a business on the breeding of quails, it is necessary to approach the matter with full responsibility.

  1. Created favorable conditions for the life of birds.
  2. Quail maintained in good condition. It is important to treat them in a timely manner, to prevent diseases, parasites.
  3. Feeding is provided most suitable for the bird, otherwise it will fly and grow, the quail will not be properly.

If we talk about the conditions of detention, the birds are kept in cages for quails with a sloping, mesh floor and tray to maintain dryness and cleanliness inside. The optimum temperature content + 15 ... +25 degrees at a humidity of 40-60%. The lighting is muffled, otherwise the birds will begin to peck at each other. It is also important to equip the house with a good ventilation system, but avoid drafts.

Important! If there are always drafts in the room, quails will start to fall feathers.

Drinkers are better to use drip, they are considered the most convenient. The feeders are placed outside the cage so that the birds can reach them, sticking their heads out of the cage. It is best to feed quails with full-fledged feed for laying hens. Although it costs not a little, it pays for itself completely!

In the first 3 weeks after birth, you can not limit the quail in the diet! If they lack some nutrients, they will then lag behind. From the 50th day you can transfer to 3-4 meals a day. On one individual per day takes up to 200 g of feed.

Marketing plan

Quail breeding and maintenance

The most difficult thing in breeding quails as a business is to find where to sell products. This is the main point and you need to think it over long before you start a business. The breeder should have at least 3-5 estimated points where you can sell your product, but better is more. There it is worthwhile to come with an offer for the supply of goods, but only with a ready commercial offer, when the first product is already available.

You can of course initially start with a small, "home" business and check how eggs are bought, selling them to friends, relatives. But this is possible only under the condition of a small number of birds. If you want to earn more, you will have to expand the sales network and look for regular customers: points in the market, in stores, in manufacturing.

The main thing in finding a place to sell is assertiveness, self-confidence, their products and guarantees that the breeder can offer. All products must be good - in some places may require certificates confirming the freshness and quality.

Quail Breeding Reviews

California Crested Quail

Reviews of plants that have experienced difficulties in breeding quails are the best indicator for a novice businessman.

  • Vitaly Goltsev: "My business started with a small, poultry house and 50 individuals. When demand arose among my acquaintances, I began to redeem young stock and expand the farm. Now I keep 2500 quails. Of course, there is a lot of work, but I don’t remain at a loss."
  • Claudia Gorbatenko: "Breeding quails as a business is more difficult than a business in vegetables. Although it is more profitable. I must say that you cannot get far without a good business plan - you can simply get confused and stay in place. It also does not hurt the help of a good advertiser to quickly find customers ! ".
  • Rodion Romanovets: “If I’m already doing business on a bird, it’s only on quails, I told myself a few years ago and built a good deal. Now I keep 1,500 birds on the farm: 500 for eggs and 1,000 for meat. I sell not only the carcass, the eggs, but also young. Here the main thing is not to stand still and develop business, then there will be profit. "