How to store garlic in the winter in the apartment


Garlic is an essential ingredient in almost any first or second course. Unfortunately, garlic heads, gather only 1-2 times a year. For the rest of the time, he has to be somehow stored so that he does not lose his useful qualities and does not spoil. How to store garlic in the winter in the apartment can be read below in the article.

Where is garlic stored in the apartment?

Since it is difficult to store garlic in an apartment in the winter, most often people do not buy it in bags, but simply buy up as many need for several heads in winter. However, in winter the prices for it increase greatly, so you should still learn to keep this culture in winter.

Peeled garlic stored longer

In room conditions, garlic can be stored by different methods. Usually it uses a pantry, a balcony, dry containers, a refrigerator. As you can see, there are plenty of places to store garlic in the apartment, but before you start laying garlic, you should prepare it.

In order to lay the garlic for a long time, it is important to sort it out. The stem is cut off, the upper husk (dirty) is usually robbed, it may contain spores of fungi, rot, small pests. If the garlic is wet, it is necessary to dry it for several days in a dry room or on the street (if it is sunny). Roots should be cut as short as possible, inspected for the presence of disease or worms, and then slightly burned with fire. This is done right by the hob in the kitchen or with a simple lighter. But it is impossible to burn the roots completely, only the very tips are scorched.

Important! Garlic is bought ideally by weight or collected from its own garden bed. If you buy it in bags, then it is likely that in the middle of the bag it will be rotten or sick.

How to store garlic in a jar?

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To keep garlic in the winter in an apartment is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. You just need to try the most popular methods and choose the one that fits perfectly in either case.

Storage of garlic in a can

Garlic lies very well just in dry three-liter, glass jars. In this case, it is necessary to prepare the garlic for storage, be sure to scorch the roots and remove the top (tops). After that, all the excess husks are removed, and the garlic is folded into heads in jars. From above they are covered with lids (you can roll up) and put in any convenient place (balcony, kitchen cabinet, pantry, under the bed). Such garlic does not take much space and this is the main advantage of the method.

Important! Before using glass jars, they should be sterilized, and the plastic should be well washed.

Instead of a glass jar, you can use a large plastic container. It gives the same effect as the bank - protects the contents from diseases, pests, abundance of moisture. Sometimes when putting big heads in cans, it is easier to break them into separate teeth. It does not harm the garlic, but it is worth checking that each garlic was in the "clothes". If the husk is torn or lifted, you should put such a tooth in the food, and not in storage.

Important! When stored in an open jar or box, garlic is poured with salt. Salt absorbs excess moisture and prevents bacteria from developing.

If garlic quickly deteriorates in the apartment, is affected by various diseases, it is worth using waxing. Each head is immersed in liquid paraffin, then it is drawn and dried. Finished heads are placed in the jar, but do not close the lid. Such garlic does not spoil for 6-7 months!

Storing garlic in braids

Storing garlic in braids was practiced more than a century ago. People who do not know how to store garlic in an apartment in the winter should try this method. Garlic in such braids is stored for a long time, but the most important thing is that you can always see the perishable heads and put them into food in time. What is the essence of the method? Garlic is prepared for storage, as described above, only the stem is not cut, but left intact. It is possible to remove only some dry leaves (they will still flake when weaving).

Storing garlic in braids

After the garlic is prepared, a simple braid is woven from its stem. Finished braids hang stored in a dry and dark room. In room conditions it can be a closet, a closet. The kitchen is placed on one spit, which will be eaten.

An alternative to spits can be simple bundles. They collect garlic and tied with a rope on top, like a tail. The disadvantage of this method is that garlic takes up more space, but it is simpler than weaving braids.

Important! Only garlic with stems can be stored in braids or bundles. If there is none, instead of the stems, a rope passed through the top of the garlic is used. However, due to the piercing of the core, to which the teeth are attached, the culture deteriorates faster.

How to store garlic in the refrigerator?

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Garlic can be stored in the refrigerator in several ways. The first, dry method, involves drying the garlic, folding it in paper bags so that each head is wrapped in separate paper. After that, the garlic is placed in a far, dry place in the refrigerator (not near the back wall).

Garlic can be stored in the refrigerator

Important! Garlic in the refrigerator is better if you put a little salt or onion peel in a paper bag with a head.

Instead of a paper bag, you can use cling film. But it is worth ensuring that it completely envelops the head, and there are no voids inside!

How else can you store garlic in an apartment?

How else to store garlic in the winter in the apartment? For those who do not like to lay out bundles or jars with fresh products in the apartment, you should turn to less traditional methods. If the family rarely uses fresh garlic, you can freeze it. To do this, it should be immediately cleaned, cut (pieces can be any), and then folded into a plastic container and freeze. Frozen garlic is stored for a long time, but it changes its structure and taste, so the defrosted garlic will no longer taste like fresh!

Nontraditional garlic storage methods

In rare cases, garlic is marinated or used to flavor vegetable oil. The disadvantage of this method of storage is that a lot of garlic is not so stored, and its taste becomes specific and not everyone likes it. But closed with marinade in the bank, it is very long and does not spoil even more than a year.

Pickled garlic can be rolled up and put in the pantry or closed with a plastic lid and identified in the refrigerator. In the latter case, the storage period is reduced to 4 months.