Angular honey and its properties


Dyagilovy honey highly valued. It has a pleasant taste, beautiful color, and is also very healthy. But how does this honey differ from other varieties? The article will describe what the crown honey is made of, what are its characteristic features, as well as how to choose and store it correctly.

What is cedar honey?

Angular honey is a product obtained by processing bees of medicinal angelica (angelica). Medicinal angels - a useful plant. It is believed that he can treat the plague, a variety of infectious and viral diseases. The people used only the roots of the plant, and boiled the tops and used for spraying cultivated plants.

Angelica blooms for almost two months, during which time the bees must collect the maximum amount of pollen and nectar. So if the beekeeper needs this product, you need to worry in advance about finding a rich pasture for insects.

Photo bee apiary

Description and characteristics of pyatil honey

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  • Color from amber-red to dark brown. There is a greenish tint, but this is rare.
  • The aroma is strong, it can be heard even just opening the can. Differs subtlety, delicate notes.
  • The consistency is very viscous and volatile.
  • Taste pronounced, caramel, even a little sharp. There may be a bitterness, but not strong. Unusual aftertaste in the mouth always remains after its consumption.
  • Candied honey has a fine-grained structure.
  • Crystallization is slow.
It is important! Some beekeepers claim that real honey can not crystallize over the years! Rapid crystallization is observed only under the condition that floral nectar gets into the product even in the apiary.

Composition of honey

There is a lot of useful substances in honey honey. Among them in particular stand out: vitamin C, K, E, vitamins of group B, manganese, nickel, fluorine, zinc, copper, sodium, calcium, iron, iodine, chromium. 100 grams of the product contains 329 kcal, so dieters need to limit its consumption.

Polyethylene honey has an atypical composition. It has a lot of fructose and a low percentage of sucrose. Fructose as a percentage of 43%, glucose - 35%, maltose - 5%, and sucrose - 2%, the rest is water, organic acids and other substances. So, in principle, it can be eaten for people with diabetes, but only in limited quantities. It is best to consult a doctor before use. He will be able to determine for sure whether the honey is harmful, as well as establish the permissible daily dose.

Useful properties of honeydew honey

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The use of honeydew honey is very diverse. It is not only a tasty, nutritious product, but also widely used for the production of cosmetics, in traditional and traditional medicine, for the manufacture of sweets. And all due to the fact that it has a large number of useful properties.

  • Strengthening the immune system. It is prescribed for consumption in light and heavy illnesses, colds, with increased loads. It helps a weakened body recover faster, supports it in the most dangerous periods (autumn, winter).
  • Pygilic honey has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. May heal a wound, relieve swelling, pain.
  • Used by healers and folk healers for the treatment of: gastrointestinal diseases, hypertension, muscular dystrophy, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, skin diseases, periodontal disease, angina.
  • Women often use honeydew honey to normalize the menstrual cycle. It is also effective in treating a number of female diseases, including thrush and cystitis.
  • It has a sedative effect. It is helpful for children and adults to eat it before bedtime. One teaspoon of washed water will be enough to ensure a person a healthy sleep.
  • Often used to fight aging. There are many recipes for masks and lotions based on this honey. It tones the skin, provides cell regeneration, reduces wrinkles.
  • In a day a healthy person needs to eat 50-60 grams of delicate honey as a preventive measure for a sick person, and a patient 80-100 g.

Photos of honey jugs

Contraindications and harm

Each product is to some extent useful and harmful. Angular honey is no exception. It should be properly and in moderation, otherwise you can face unpleasant consequences like an allergic reaction or something like that. What harm does he carry in himself, and what are his contraindications?

  • It is not recommended to dissolve the honeydew honey in milk, as in it it loses some of the nutrients.
  • Nursing mothers do not eat it. Like all types of honey, this one refers to allergens. Scientists have found that it can increase lactation during breastfeeding, but the risk is not worth it. Doctors strongly recommend not to eat it during the feeding of the baby.
  • For people prone to allergies, honey must be very carefully and in minimal quantities. If a person has never tried a similar variety before, you first need to taste only a couple of grams and look at the reaction of the body.
  • Honey is a high-calorie product. It should be eaten in moderation, especially those people who are on a diet or seeking to lose weight.
  • People with diabetes mellitus are advised to eat cedar honey in the amount prescribed by the attending physician, since immense consumption will only bring harm.

Photo of honeydew honey

How to choose honey?

How to choose honey? What to focus on? If it is important for the buyer to purchase the honeydew honey, you should pay attention to this process, as it is often forged.

  • Taste. If a person at least once in his life has tried dephile honey, he will never confuse him with any other. But for those who have not tried it, it is worth knowing that it does not taste like a flower. This kind of sweet, sharp, slightly caramel with an elusive bitterness.
  • His color is always dark.
  • Real honey granules are sold no earlier than September.
  • It is worth buying only that honey which is on sale in glass jars. If it is poured to customers from tin or galvanized vessels, then, most likely, it has long been oxidized and has lost its beneficial properties.
  • Also, do not buy honey from the refrigerator or the one that stands directly in the sun.
  • At home, you can verify the authenticity of honey by a simple method. It is poured into a teaspoon, then fire is brought to it from below. If the edges of the honey after heating will burn, then it is fake.
Important! Focus on the caramel "touch" in the taste of honey is not worth it. Sellers often fake it by simply adding burnt sugar to honey.

Angular honey is expensive, so it’s not recommended to rely on low cost. Sometimes its price exceeds the May several times.

How to store cedar honey?

Honey must be properly stored so that it does not sugar up prematurely and in order not to lose its beneficial properties. Angular is recommended to be stored at a temperature of + 4 ... +18 degrees. The room should be well ventilated, with moderate humidity. It is undesirable to keep it simply on the table or in the refrigerating chamber, since an abundance of sunlight or low temperatures can spoil its taste, color or even reduce its benefits.

For long-term storage, honey is poured into a glass, clay or ceramic container, but plastic and metal are not suitable.

It is important! You can not warm the candied honey! When heated, it quickly loses its beneficial properties. So it is better to just leave it as it is. Even in the candied form it is very tasty.