How to keep dill fresh for the winter


Keeping fresh green all winter is not easy, but it is possible. Dill contains a lot of vitamins, minerals that the body needs in the winter, when there is not enough fresh fruits and vegetables. How to keep the dill for the winter fresh with and without freezing will be described below in the article.

How to prepare the dill for storage?

Since it is very difficult to keep dill fresh for the winter, you first need to learn how to pick it up correctly. It is not recommended to tear it with your hands, as this will damage the individual leaves and the main stem of the plant. Because of these damages, the safety of dill is reduced by 1.5 times.

Dill should be collected only in dry weather - it should not be wet. Immediately after the rain, dew, it absorbs too much fluid. For a salad it's not bad, but for storage it can be a problem.

Rinse the dill with running water very thoroughly.

The collection is carried out exclusively with a sharp knife or garden shears. The cuts must be accurate and even so that the stem does not tear, then the green is stored much better. If there is a lot of greens and it takes a lot of time to cut, you can simply pick up the dill with the root, and cut the roots already during preparation for storage.

Before washing, it is better to cut off the roots to simplify washing. In order to keep the dill fresh for the winter, it must be rinsed with running water very carefully so that all the dirt is removed even between the leaves at the base of the stem where the roots were cut. After that, simple paper is laid out on the table (paper towels can be used) and dill is laid on it.

Important! During washing and drying it is necessary to remove from the green all the spoiled leaves. Sometimes weeds get into bunches, it does not belong to dill either.

How to keep dill fresh in containers?

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Fresh dill without special conditions can be stored for about 1-5 days, depending on the variety and when and how it was harvested. To significantly extend its shelf life is to provide him with special conditions. So how to keep dill fresh for the winter? One of the easiest storage methods is in containers.

Already washed, dried dill is laid out in containers of about half (so that it does not hesitate too much) covered with a lid and determined on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator.

Dill storage containers or jars must be completely clean.

The container can be any, but it is desirable that it be a special plastic container for storing food in the refrigerator at low temperatures. If the container is not there, you can use a simple glass jar and a plastic lid, but you cannot push dill into it, it can easily fit in a small amount so that it does not hesitate during storage and does not let the juice out of the bends.

Important! Containers or jars for storing dill must be absolutely clean, odorless, otherwise dill may start to deteriorate earlier.

In the containers or cans, not cut dill will be stored for about 1 month in the refrigerator, will not turn yellow and will not lose taste, useful substances. If the greens before laying in the container only dry and bust, but do not wash, the shelf life may increase to 2 months.

Dill storage in bags

Packages should not have an unpleasant smell, otherwise it will be transferred to dill.

Prepared bunches of dill, not washed, dry, fit into a simple plastic bag and tied. The package makes a few holes for ventilation, and all the excess air goes down so that the package is thin, not inflated. Instead of a plastic bag, you can use special bags to store greens and vegetables E.M.M.A. In them products are stored much longer.

Important! Packages should not have an unpleasant smell, otherwise it will be transferred to the dill.

At a temperature of 0 ... +1 degrees in the refrigerator, such dill can lie for 25-30 days and at the same time the leaves will not even begin to turn yellow. If used for such storage of washed dill, it will deteriorate 2 times faster.

How else can you store fresh dill?

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The methods described above are the most common and popular, but there are several ways to keep the dill fresh for the winter.

Dill can be sprinkled with salt

  • Pure green can be wrapped in wax paper. A bunch of dill just wrapped in parchment, inside it can be sprinkled with water from a spray bottle. Paper bundles are put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, where it is the darkest. In this form, dill is stored for 2-3 weeks.
  • If the greens just bust, but do not wash, it can be stored for a long time. To do this, dry it, put it in a plastic bag, put an onion cut into 4 parts and tie it. Onions do not allow dill to deteriorate and that is stored longer. But once every 4-5 days you need to update the onion, dry the package from the moisture formed in it and only then, re-lay the dill.

How to freeze dill for the winter?

Since it is not always possible to keep dill fresh for the winter, you can cheat a little and just freeze it. Frozen dill does not lose vitamins and minerals, it remains completely fresh and tasty after thawing.

Frozen dill does not lose vitamins and minerals

  • Chopped dill is poured into a packet or in a sudochek. Then the package is tied, if a container is used, then it must be tightly closed with a lid. After that, you need to put the greens in the freezer and use as needed.
  • Bundles of dill stored in cling film or in foil. Dill is washed, dried, gathered in bunches and wrapped in cling film or foil. It should be a tight convolution. It remains only to place the bundles in the freezer.
  • Dill is very well stored in ice cubes. It is simply cut like a soup, then laid out in a container for freezing ice cubes and poured with water or oil. Now you need to freeze the cubes. Such cubes are convenient to use when cooking first, second courses. Greens are absolutely fresh, and the water just evaporates (in the second dish) or mixed with any first dish.

Frozen dill can be stored for 6 to 12 months.

Gardeners tips

How to keep the dill for the winter fresh, detailed above. It remains only to highlight some important points that will keep the greens longer.

Dry, unwashed dill, always stored longer

  1. For storage, it is better to collect ripe dill, with well-formed leaves, having a normal leaf color. Still very young dill lies badly.
  2. The main enemy of dill is heat and light. Under their influence, vitamins evaporate from it, and it quickly loses its appearance, taste, leaf color and even odor deteriorate.
  3. It is impossible to dry the greens for a long time after washing, otherwise it will become lethargic. 15 minutes is enough for this. In this case, dill should be dried on dry towels, so first it should be wet, and then spread out in a thin layer on dry towels.
  4. Dry, unwashed dill, always stored longer.
  5. So that there is no sand left on the green after washing, it is either washed under running water or dill is first taken out of the pelvis with water and dill, and then poured water with settled sand.

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