The best varieties of sweet and bitter pepper for greenhouses


Pepper is a native of the southern countries, where there is a lot of sun and it is very warm throughout most of the year. In the middle and northern latitudes, it can also grow, but often it just does not have enough solar heat and light, so the taste and size of the fruit can be very different from those peppers that are grown in the southern regions. To improve the taste and to achieve large, full fruits of pepper, it is often grown in greenhouses. The best varieties of sweet pepper for greenhouses will be described below in the article.

What are the most popular pepper varieties for greenhouses?

This list contains all the most popular varieties of sweet pepper for greenhouses, which are most often bought for growing in the garden.

The most popular varieties of pepper for greenhouses

  • Hercules - mid-season sweet pepper. Fruits up to 300 g, cubic, with pronounced ribs. It has excellent immunity, if it is affected by the disease, it endures it. It is stored for a long time, it is recommended for sale. Up to 3.5 kg of fruits are collected from a square meter.
  • "Claudio" - ripens on average for 118 days. Variety of Dutch breeding. The bush grows up to 130 cm, powerful, moderately spreading. Peppers up to 250 g, dark red, after full aging. The shape is elongated, conical. Not afraid of all the major and most famous and dangerous diseases of pepper. Up to 2.5 kg of pepper is harvested from the plant per season.
  • "Atlant" - a small variety of sweet pepper for greenhouses film type. Ripens in 105-115 days. Grows in height 65-80 cm. Pepper with a high content of juice, with a thick wall and good taste. The color is initially green, but after full maturation it changes to bright red. The average yield is 5 kg / m. sq.
  • "Health" - An early variety of sweet pepper for growing in greenhouses of any kind. Grows up to 170 cm, needs a garter. The yield is about 4-4.6 kg / m. sq. Prism-shaped fruits, ribbing is poorly expressed, length 8.5–12 cm, weight in the range of 50–70 g. After full maturity, they turn red, and in technical ripeness they turn green. The walls are 3-4 mm thick. The taste is excellent.
  • "Tenderness" ripens in 115 days. Grows up to 80 cm, half-sprawling bush. Fruits of sweet pepper are elongated, pyramidal, up to 110 g. The rind is red after full ripening, the flesh has a delicate taste. The yield from the plant is 1.9 kg.

What hybrid varieties of pepper are grown in greenhouses?

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Hybrid varieties of pepper for greenhouses are very popular, because they, as a rule, have increased yields, disease resistance or some other improved characteristics.

Hybrid varieties of pepper for greenhouses

  • "Bendigo F1 " ripens in 100 days on average. The plant is medium. Fruits of pepper sweetish on 100 g, cubical with 3-4 cameras. The peel is glossy, dark red after full maturation. Wall thickness up to 5.5 mm. The hybrid has a high yield, marketability, excellent taste of the fruit.
  • "Cardinal F1 " - tall, early hybrid variety of pepper for greenhouses, up to 1 meter in height. The fruits are fleshy, large, very juicy and crunchy when bitten. The color of the immature fruit is green, with technical ripeness it changes to red, and then, after full maturity, it becomes dark purple in color.
  • "Denis F1" ripens in just 95-100 days - a very early variety of sweet pepper. Bushes grow up to 70 cm maximum, but give quite large Percini 300-400 g. In order for the bush not to bend and the pepper does not hit the ground, it is worth tying the bushes to the support. The shape of the fruit is elongated. The flesh is fleshy. Grown in greenhouses of any type.
  • "Alyonushka F1 " - the mid-season hybrid ripening in about 120 days. The bush grows up to 1.5 meters, not a lot of leaves. Used for heat treatment and fresh. The shape of the fruit is elongated, prismatic, the ribs are weakly expressed, and the tip is slightly curved. After full ripening, the fruits become red. Pepper weighs up to 140 g, the wall is not very thick, there is a strong aroma. Productivity - 7 kg / m. sq.

The most productive varieties of pepper for greenhouses

Productivity is a very important criterion for selecting the variety of pepper for greenhouses. The more harvest a gardener gets, the greater opportunities open to him. Extra crop can be closed for the winter, sold on the market, put into production or something like that.

The most productive varieties of pepper for greenhouses

  • "Barguzin" - sweet pepper variety, ripens in 115 days. Bush up to 80 cm, compact. Fruits are cone-shaped, 170 g each. The rind is shiny, bright yellow, the walls are thick. The taste and flavor are excellent. Yield 11-17 kg, depending on the time of cultivation and care.
  • Latino grows to a meter tall. Ripens in about 100-110 days. Fruits are red, cubical, ribbed, 200 g on average. About 8-14 kg of pepper are collected per square meter, depending on conditions and care.
  • "Kakadu F1" - an early grade of sweet pepper for greenhouses. Maturation occurs at 100-110 days. Grows up to 1.5 meters, the bush is sprawling, so the seedlings are planted not thickly and exclusively in spacious greenhouses or just in small quantities. Productivity is high - up to 12 kg / m. sq. Fruits can reach a weight of 500 g, red color, cylindrical, oblong. There is a strong aroma.
  • "Agapovsky" provides a stable yield of 9.5-10.3 kg / m. sq. Ripens a maximum of 120 days. The plant is low, compact, does not take up much space. Pepper fruits are large, sweet, up to 120 g, smooth and slightly ribbed, in the shape of a prism. The wall thickness is 5-7 mm, the taste is pleasant, the aroma is strong.

Which pepper varieties are best for sale?

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The sweet pepper varieties for greenhouses recommended for sale are distinguished by excellent commercial properties, keeping quality, and are also versatile in use. After all, the wider the range of applications of pepper, the more buyers can attract the seller.

Hot peppers for greenhouses

  • "TSHA 25" - mid-season variety. Bush high, compact. Pearls in the form of a prism, with a glossy skin. In technical ripeness greenish, and in consumer - scarlet. The wall thickness is 8 mm, the weight of the fruit is 150-170 g. It tastes sweetish, delicate, juicy, but the flavor is mild. Used for fresh salads and processing. Productivity is about 12 kg / m. sq.
  • "Mastodon" - An interesting early sweet pepper variety for greenhouses, ripening in about 115 days. The shrub grows up to 140-180 cm, although the potential is up to 2.5 m. Cubical irons, with ribbing, with 3 cells. Weight up to 270 g. Wall thickness - 6-7 mm. In consumer ripeness burgundy pepper, and in technical - green. Vintage stable, high quality.
  • "Winnie the Pooh" grown mostly for sale. This variety is very interesting, "puffy" fruit, which was the reason for the appearance of the name. Ripens in 105-107 days. The bush is very small - 30 cm, compact. The fruits of sweet pepper ripen bouquets. One fruit weighs about 50 g, there are instances and more, but rarely. The color is red, less often - green. Productivity from square meter reaches 5 kg. Taste is saturated, pleasant, sweetish.

This group also includes the hybrid "Alenushka F1", "Kakadu F1", varieties "Hercules" and "Health", described above.

Hot peppers for greenhouses

We should also mention hot pepper varieties for greenhouses. Fans of spicy dishes do not miss the opportunity to grow hot peppers in the garden. And it grows best in greenhouses, as well as sweet. Below are varieties that can be grown in different climatic zones, with high taste and good yield.

  • "Astrakhan 628" - mid-season variety of high yield. It grows up to 50 cm in height. Percini conical, arranged one by one. On one plant can be on average 10-15 perchin. The length of the fruit is 10 cm, weight - 20 g. Color from green to red. The flavor is pretty strong. The taste of the fruit is sharp, intense. Resistant to heat and drought.
  • "Double abundance" - an early ripe sharp grade of pepper for greenhouses. In the greenhouse it grows very fast and grows well, therefore it is grown in them. Up to 40 perchins are collected from one plant. Fruits are elongated, trunk-shaped, up to 21 cm long and weighing 50-80 g. The walls are dense and thick. There is resistance to viruses and high temperatures.
  • "Anniversary VNIISSOK" ripens in 100 days. Bushes grow to 1.3 m, half sprawling. Fruits are elongated, 30 g each, with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. The color is dark scarlet. The taste is not very sharp, but with a strong aroma. Productivity reaches 2 kg / m. sq.

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