Description of a grade apple-tree Medunits


Apple-tree Medunitsa is widespread in the middle and northern regions. This variety ripens in the summer, gives very rich harvests. Apples are distinguished by sweetness, honey taste, from which the name of the variety comes. The article will describe and varietal characteristics of the apple Medunitsa, especially its cultivation.

Description and characteristics of the apple tree Medunitsa

Apple-tree Medunitsya can grow over 5 meters in height. The crown is wide, pyramidal. The branches are located at an acute angle to the trunk of a tree. The shoots are light brown in color, slightly pubescent. The leaves are medium in size, dull green, epileptic. The leaves are curved in the center, the surface is rough, slightly raised.

Apple tree Medunitsa can grow over 5 meters in height

The fruiting of the apple tree of Medunitsa starts from about 5 years after planting the seedling to a permanent place. Crop ripening occurs in the 2nd half of August. However, fruiting is not friendly. The abundance of foliage, dense crown does not allow the sun to simultaneously illuminate and warm all the fruits, half of the crop is in blackout. Therefore, the crop must be removed at least 2-3 times per season. Harvest tree gives stable, only old trees can take breaks for 1 year.

What are the fruits of apple medunitsa?

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Fruits are medium sized. The weight of each apple is 90-150 grams. The shape is flat-round, ribbing is noted to the top, but weak, smooth. The peel is smooth, shiny and dense.

The main color is green and yellow. Over the main color of the apple is covered with a reddish blush. The intensity of the red color can be strong or weak. Sometimes there are apples with a light blush, and sometimes with red-brown.

The weight of each apple is 90-150 grams

The flesh is yellowish, dense and very juicy. In the composition of up to 14% sugar, acidity is low, with fresh consumption, the acid is almost inaudible. 100 g of apples contain 7.8 mg of vitamin C. Taste is sweet with a honey aftertaste. This variety is considered the sweetest. The taste of the fruit does not suffer, even with increased fruiting. Apples in large and small quantities always have excellent taste and high commercial quality.

Despite the significant sweetness of the fruit, the apple tree Medunitsa refers to dietary varieties. With long-term storage, they do not lose, but only multiply their taste. It is consumed fresh, used for storage, winter preservation, freezing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a variety?

What are the positive qualities of the apple tree Medunitsa? It is known that this is one of the sweetest varieties, that it has very tasty apples, but what other qualities deserve the attention of a gardener?

  • Early ripening allows you to receive fruit at the end of summer.
  • The shelf life reaches 1.5 months, while the taste of the fruit during storage only improves.
  • The variety is transportable due to the density of the rind and pulp.
  • Apples have excellent commercial quality.
  • Fruits do not crumble from the twigs, even when overriding.
  • Productivity is regular and high.
  • Frost resistance is good.
  • The variety is resistant to scab, fruit rot.

    Apples have excellent commercial quality.

Apple tree Medunitsa also has disadvantages, but not many.

  • Fruiting is not friendly. This complicates the preservation of apples or their sale, but for personal consumption, on the contrary, it’s good, because for 1-1.5 months you can enjoy delicious apples fresh from the tree.
  • The dense crown of the tree and its dimensions occupy a lot of space in the garden.
  • It is difficult to care for a tree, but it is not recommended to neglect such procedures as pruning and top dressing.
  • Apples can be difficult to collect because of the dense crown.

When and where to plant an apple tree Medunitsu?

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The correct choice of the place and time of planting an Medunitsa apple can determine its further growth and development. If everything is done correctly, there will be practically no problems with growing. Otherwise, the development will slow down greatly.

Landing should be sunny, not swampy, preferably flat, with an average or deep level of groundwater. Planting an apple tree of this variety can be in spring and autumn. In the autumn, it is recommended to plant Medunitsa in the southern regions, sometimes in the central regions, where the onset of winter occurs slowly and more or less predictably. Autumn planting should be completed 3-4 weeks before the onset of the first frost.

Landing should be sunny, not swampy, preferably flat.

In the northern and snowy regions of the world, it is worth planting an apple tree of the Medunitsa variety in spring. Due to the lack of snow, trees in these areas are difficult to survive the winter frosts. Yes, and guessing the time of planting autumn is very difficult, as the frosts can hit as early as September. Spring planting begins after the snow melts, but the buds on the trees have not yet begun to bloom.

How to plant an apple tree Medunitsu?

The pit for planting is harvested in 2-3 weeks. Its dimensions should be 2 times the diameter of the root system of the apple sapling Medunitsa and about 1 meter in depth. If several trees are planted, 4.5 meters of free space are left between them, and 5 meters between them should be kept. After the pit itself has been dug, the earth around it is deeply dug up so that the soil is saturated with air.

Before planting at the bottom of the pit is laid 10-15 cm of drainage. Planting is carried out on a hill of fertile land, which is poured right over the drainage. The roots are straightened in a circle, it is desirable to prevent their strong bending. When the pit is filled with earth, it is necessary to ensure that the root neck is 8-10 cm above ground level. Over time, it will drop to the desired level and will not be filled with earth.

Root neck should be 8-10 cm above ground level

When planting an apple tree sapling, Medunitsi should put a garter peg next to it. This support is necessary for the tree during the first 2 years of life, until it is fully strengthened. After planting, the ground can be slightly compacted, and then pour 2-3 buckets of warm water.

How to care for apple Lungwort?

Care is the timely watering, loosening the land in the near-stem circle, mulching. Also, the apple tree Medunitsa needs timely feeding. In the spring, urea is applied, in the beginning of autumn - phosphorus-potassium mixtures, and once every 2-3 years it is necessary to feed the tree before the onset of winter with humus or manure.

Protection against pests and diseases can be difficult, because getting rid of an existing problem can be difficult. But if, as a preventive measure, the tree is sprayed 1-2 times a year with folk substances or complex insecticides, fungicides, the chance of the appearance of diseases or pests is reduced by 2 times. It is also worth whitening an apple tree in the fall and spring from year to year from rodents and insects.

As a preventive measure, a tree should be sprayed 1-2 times a year.

Probably the most difficult point of care is pruning. They spend it 2 times a year. The first three years it is necessary to form a crown. It should not be heavily thickened so that it is convenient to work with the tree, to collect the fruit. In subsequent years, the Medunitsa apple tree is simply “freed” from dry, sick, and curved pagons. If it is overgrown with young twigs, it is also worth getting rid of them. But it is impossible to cut off all the young branches, because it is on two-year-old wagons that most of the crop ripens.

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