How to grow tomato seedlings at home


Growing tomato seedlings allows you to get a good, early harvest. But only high-quality seedlings can provide a gardener with the rapid growth of plants and the ripening of fruits. How to grow tomato seedlings at home, and what needs to be taken into account, will be described in detail later in the article.

Why make tomato seedlings?

Why make tomato seedlings if you can sow the seeds directly in the open ground and not think about how to grow tomato seedlings at home. Yes, outdoor sowing is very popular in southern, hot cities and countries. But residents of server and medium-sized regions should grow seedlings, and there are many reasons for this.

Residents of server and medium regions should grow seedlings

  • Such plants will be less susceptible to diseases and pests.
  • Seedlings allow faster harvest.
  • Weather conditions, temperature drops, a plant grown through seedlings, perceives more calmly than what originally grew in open ground or even in the greenhouse.
  • There is an opportunity to grow almost any varieties of tomatoes from early to late, from local to foreign, which rarely take root in a different climate.

When to sow seeds for seedlings?

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How to grow tomato seedlings? This is a question that is of interest to many gardeners, but before moving on to technology, you need to know when to sow. The fact is that very often gardeners make seedlings wrong and not in time and this only leads to negative results.

Approximately 55-65 days before planting seedlings in open ground need to sow seeds

Approximately 55-65 days before planting seedlings in open ground need to sow the seeds. On the development in the indoor environment of this time is enough. Approximately 5-10 days will go for germination, and the rest of the time the culture will be able to gain strength. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine the landing period due to the climate. And here will help a simple scheme.

  • In the southern regions make seedlings from mid-February to mid-March.
  • In middle regions, it is possible to sow seeds from mid-March to 1 April.
  • In server cities you should start preparing seedlings from April 1 to 15.

How to treat the seeds before planting?

In order for the seeds to quickly germinate, it is necessary to sort them out before sowing, to remove all the empty, damaged ones. Then processing is carried out. First, they are immersed in a solution of potassium permanganate (4 g / liter of water) for 20 minutes, then they are taken out, washed and dried. Such processing will allow not to wonder how to grow tomato seedlings at home healthy and resistant to pests and diseases.

After the seeds have disinfected they need to germinate

After the seeds are disinfected they need to germinate. To do this, they spread on cotton cloth or napkin, wrapped, watered and put in a plastic bag. Now it remains to lay it in a warm place and slightly open 2-3 times a day for airing. After 2-3 days you can see the sprouts that have emerged from the seeds. Such seeds are quite suitable for sowing seedlings.

What kind of soil need tomato seedlings?

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Before you grow tomato seedlings, you need to decide on what soil to use for this, because the land plays a key role in the growth and development of any plant. Land should be nutritious, loose, drained, with a pH level in the range of 5.5-6.0. You can make this mixture yourself or buy it in a store.

You can make this mixture yourself or buy it in a store.

  • On 1 part of the chernozem 2 parts of humus are taken, mixed and used as intended.
  • The second option: take one part of the sand, the land for seedlings and black soil and mix well.
  • The third type of land is 3 parts of peat and 1 part of sand. The land is very light and nutritious - ideal for tomatoes.

There are many other options, but you need to try in practice to determine which option is most preferable for each individual case, because even fertilizers and types of soil mixtures may not always be available.

As for the container, you can take any convenient one, the main thing is to wash it and disinfect it with manganese solution in order to get rid of possible pests.

Sowing technology

So, how to grow tomato seedlings at home? To do this, you need to properly plant the seeds and provide them with optimal conditions for germination.

Technology of sowing tomato seedlings

Drainage is laid out on the bottom of the tank (crushed shell, crushed stone or something like that) by no more than 0.5 cm. A mixture of earth is poured on top and watered. After 1-2 hours, it is well saturated with moisture and you can begin to plant.

A small hole is made with a match or a toothpick, with a depth of 0.5-1 cm and 1 seed is placed in each. Rows should be located at a distance of 3-4 cm from each other, and between the individual pits should observe 2 cm of free space for the growth and development of tomatoes. After laying the seeds, pits are crushed, a little pressed against the ground, covered with a film and put in a warm place. To germinate seeds in a room must be at least +23 degrees day and night.

How to care for tomato seedlings?

Knowing how to grow tomato seedlings, you can simplify the annual cultivation of crops and save money on the purchase of seedlings. Above, it was considered how to prepare the ground, seeds, how to sow a tomato on seedlings. It remains only to deal with the care of the seedlings before planting it in open ground or greenhouse.

When sprouts appear, the film is removed and the seedlings are put on a bright place. Watering is carried out as needed, but waterlogging should not be allowed, otherwise a black leg may develop. Water needs room temperature, separated or rain.

Sprouts gently reach and sit in cups one by one

About a week later, when the sprouts begin to stretch, the temperature in the room is lowered to + 17 ... +19 degrees. It is necessary that the tomatoes are not much stretched, and the stems do not begin to fall. At the same time, you can dive the seedlings into separate, peat cups, where they will grow before their last transplant to a permanent place. The land for this is taken the same as before for the seedlings. Sprouts gently reach and sit in cups one by one.

Tomatoes need a lot of light, because it is almost impossible to grow tomato seedlings in the shade, so you need to find the sunniest place for them or arrange additional lighting. But, besides, sprouts need moisture. To ensure optimum moisture they are sprayed 2 times a day.

Approximately 1 week before planting in open ground need to begin to harden the plants. To do this, the window does not close at night, and during the day the seedlings are transferred to the summer kitchen, to the street or windowsill. This will increase the resistance of sprouts to the aggressive environment.

When signs of disease or pests appear, it is worth using specialized products (“Trichodermin”, “Aktofit”, “Aktara”, “Fitoverm”, etc.) for processing seedlings. Only the concentration should be weak (usually 2 times below the norm, it is indicated on the package), so as not to harm the plants even more.

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