How to store carrots in the cellar in the winter: 5 best ways


It is difficult to grow carrots, but what is even more difficult is to keep them throughout the winter. However, it is for this reason that it is grown so that in winter you can feast on delicious, juicy vitamin root vegetables. How to store carrots in the cellar in the winter at home, so that it does not rot, does not spoil, and does not lose its taste for as long as possible, will be described later in the article.

How to harvest carrots?

The safety of the root in the winter in the cellar depends on many factors, the first of which is the correct cleaning of carrots from the site. If the carrot is not properly harvested, it will not be stored for more than a month. Therefore, before considering the question of how to store carrots in the cellar in the winter, it is worth exploring how to properly collect it.

The harvest period is in mid-September, although it is often harvested in October. It all depends on the region. The main thing is that there are no frequent rains, too short daylight hours, and otherwise, overexposure in the ground for 2-3 weeks and the first frosts do not have a strong effect on the root crop.

Harvest should be in dry weather when the land is not wet. Pull carrots for tops, and if it does not give in, you can break in a bed.

Pulling carrots from the ground should be very careful not to damage the roots.

Important! Pulling carrots out of the ground should be very careful not to damage the roots. Any mechanical damage reduces the keeping quality of the vegetable by 2 times.

The harvest is laid out on a bed, dried for several hours, but it is advisable to lay a film or any other material on the ground so that the root crop does not touch the ground. Ants, aphids, mushroom spores at this time can attack a vegetable, especially if it was damaged during harvest. If it is damp or raining outside, lay out carrots for drying in a house or under a canopy in a single layer. As to raw root crops (if they were collected after the rain), they should be dried for 2-3 days in a dry and ventilated room or in the sun.

How to sort and pack carrots before storage?

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Before you start storing carrots in the cellar in the winter, you need to sort and sort it. This will significantly increase the shelf life of the root at home.

  • After the vegetables are dry, you should not immediately clean them in the cellar. For a start, they are cleaned of the ground, which could not fall away when cleaning from the garden. But this should be done very carefully. If the earth is firmly stuck - it is better to leave than to damage the skin or pulp.
  • Now carrots are sorted out. All good and bad (damaged) root crops are wiped off. At the same time, badly damaged ones should be set aside separately from those that have only a couple of scratches (dry). In the end, it should turn out three piles. All of them are put in three different containers. At the same time, the worst ones are cleaned in the refrigerator, and not in the cellar;
  • It is also worth sorting carrots and by size. Small root vegetables should be eaten first, and large ones can lie longer.
  • The last stage is the removal of tops. It is cut with a knife 1-2 mm from the root.

    It is only necessary to cut the tops, not tear them off.

Important! It is only necessary to cut the tops, not tear them off. To do this, use a reliable, disinfected, sharp knife.

Cellar preparation

Proper preparation of the room sometimes allows you to never think about how to store carrots in the cellar in the winter. It's simple - if there is a good, clean, equipped cellar, then there will be practically no problems with the safety of the root.

In order for the cellar not to be the reason for the deterioration of the carrot harvest, it is necessary to clean it well, wash it (if possible), disinfect with quicklime or sulfur billet. You only need to do this in advance (2-4 weeks) so that the room has time to dry and air out before laying the crop.

Since it is rather difficult to store carrots in the cellar in winter, it is worthwhile to create the most optimal conditions for it.

  • The temperature in the room should be -2 ... +2 degrees Celsius.
  • Humidity - 90-95%.
  • Airing is highly desirable, but the abundance of air will lead to germination of root crops. You can equip the ventilation, but only adjustable!

    An example of an equipped cellar for vegetables

In addition, the cellar is insulated so that the room is not too cold in winter, otherwise the crop will simply freeze.

What methods can be stored carrots?

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How to store carrots in the cellar in the winter? There are many different methods, each of which has been tested in practice by more than one gardener.

  • How to store carrots in boxes? Carrots are decomposed into simple wooden boxes with lids of 10-20 kg. It is not necessary to pour it, it is also impossible to make holes in the box. The only thing that needs to be done is to sanitize the boxes. Put them in the basement on the coasters, which will separate them from the floor by 10-15 cm. It is also impossible to put them close to the walls so that moisture and damp does not fall into the box. The shelf life in this case comes to 5-8 months.
  • How to store carrots in bags? A lot of onion peel is placed in bags (natural, not polyethylene), then carrots are put in the same place. Husk is an excellent antiseptic and absorbs all excess moisture. Bags must also be placed on stands and kept away from walls.
  • How to store carrots in the sand? A simple river sand is taken, sifted, burned over the fire, poured in a thick layer on the cellar floor (10-15 cm), then carrots are laid on it in a row and sprinkled with sand, then the next layer of roots is laid down in a checkerboard pattern and again powdered with sand and so further until the hill is about 1 meter. You can store vegetables by this method for up to 8 months.
  • How to store carrots in clay? Before you start storing carrots in the cellar in the winter, clay is bred in any large capacity. The mixture must be fluid, not very thick. Each carrot in it is enveloped on all sides, laid out to dry, and then laid out in simple boxes or baskets and put in a cellar on wooden stands (so as not to touch the floor). This method allows you to store vegetables for a year. Instead of clay, you can use the chalk solution. It is also dipped, and then dried carrots and harvested in baskets for storage in the cellar.

    Carrot storage in clay

  • How to store carrots in sawdust? Coniferous sawdust may well save carrots (up to a year), but not everyone likes to deal with them, because the method is not very cheap. But the roots they are not bad "protect" from pests and rot. On the floor in the cellar is placed a wooden stand with a height of 10-15 cm. A thick layer of sawdust is poured on it. Carrots are put on top and then sprinkled with sawdust.

In addition, carrots can also be stored in plastic bags, plastic containers, but these methods are ineffective. Carrots with such storage in the winter, lie for no more than 4 months.

Which varieties are well kept?

Even if the gardener knows how to store carrots in the cellar in the winter, the root crop will not stay for a long time if he is not inclined to this. In other words, a large role in the keeping quality of a vegetable is its variety.

For winter storage of carrots at home late varieties are usually selected (those that grow more than 120 days). In the extreme case, you can take and mid-season, but their keeping quality is much lower than that of late. And yet, under the right conditions, they can last until January, and sometimes February.

Of those varieties of carrots that can be stored for a long time, it is recommended to recommend “Shantane”, “Nantes”, “Moscow Winter”, “Cascade”, “Vitamin 6”, “Nigel” and “Samson”.

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