The best varieties of broccoli with description and photo


Broccoli cabbage is tirelessly gaining fans. Due to the fact that it can ripen in almost any climate, it is resistant to sudden changes in temperature and is easy and profitable to grow it. Broccoli varieties of cabbage are very diverse, so gardeners who decide to grow it should know more about them.

Top Early Broccoli Varieties

Early varieties of broccoli cabbage are intended for immediate consumption or processing, as they are kept fresh very little (on average, up to 7 days). Their feature is the abundance of vitamins, fast, amicable ripening and delicate texture. They are perfect for fresh salads and summer smoothies (green smoothies).

Top Early Broccoli Varieties

  • "Batavia F1 " ripens in 65-68 days. The heads are large, 1-1.5 kg, dark green, round and dense, inflorescences are easily separated from each other. The average yield of 2.6 kg / m. sq. Not susceptible to cracking and fusarium, can be grown in extreme conditions.
  • "Fiesta" ripens in 70 days. Broccoli cabbage grows with a small head up to 300 grams with a dense structure and very juicy pulp. Lateral shoots does not, the leaves grow almost vertically. Productivity - 2.4-3.5 kg / m. sq. There is resistance to fusarium wilt.
  • "Vitamin" - the early ripe grade of broccoli cabbage, ripens in 72-90 days. The heads are dark green, small by 150-320 grams. They need to be collected immediately after ripening, since during overexposure they become very loose and crumble. Gives lateral processes after cutting the main fetus.
  • "Curly Head" - ripens in 82-90 days from the date of emergence of shoots. The head is green, dense structure, strong, weighing 400-600 grams. Gives many lateral processes. Suitable for long-term storage, grows in adverse conditions.
  • "Linda" - Broccoli variety, ripening for 100 days. The central head has an average mass of 350 grams, but there are champions under 0.5 kg. Color is dark green, head structure is dense. After cutting the central fruit, the plant produces small lateral processes (up to 7 pieces) weighing 50-70 grams each. The yield per square meter reaches 3.5-4 kg.

Mid-season broccoli varieties

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Mid-season broccoli cabbage varieties have universal application. They can be eaten right away or put in storage, they are fresh for about 15 days under proper conditions. Often, they make preparations for the winter or freeze.

Mid-season broccoli varieties

  • Calabrese - cold-resistant, mid-season broccoli variety. Gives a medium sized head weighing up to 400 grams. Color - green with a light blue tint.
  • "Arcadia F1" - the mid-season hybrid ripening in 110 days. The head is massive with pronounced roughness. Weight on average reaches 450 grams. Color green-green. After cutting off the main head, the lateral heads begin to appear and mature, but they rarely exceed 70 grams. It grows and gives good yields even with significant plant thickening and low temperatures.
  • "Vitamin A" - Broccoli variety, ripening for 110 days after germination. The head is green, dense, weighing 200-300 grams. Gives a few heads offspring after cutting center vegetable.

What are the varieties of broccoli late?

Late-ripening varieties are kept fresh longer than any other species, therefore, they are valued by gardeners and everyone involved in broccoli trading. They are also often used for processing for the winter, freezing and canning. The late varieties of broccoli cabbage taste tighter and may have a less delicate flavor.

Late-ripening broccoli varieties

  • Atlantic ripens in 125-135 days. It grows up to 50-60 cm in height, has a development of a rosette of leaves, small but dense heads weighing up to 200-400 grams.
  • "Continental" gives a aligned head, with small tubercles, rounded, green, large, weighing up to 0.5 kg, very dense. The socket is semi-raised, the leaves are smooth, slightly bubbly. The yield of 2.0-2.2 kg / m. sq.
  • "Greenia" - a popular variety of broccoli, ripening for 130-140 days. The plant reaches 60 cm in height, the heads are small, dense, up to 300 grams.
  • "Monterey F1" - a hybrid with giant heads weighing up to 1.9 kg! The color of this variety is dark green, the structure of the head is compact. It does not give side shoots, so after cutting the centering fruit, the plant can be completely uprooted.

What types of broccoli cabbage are the most fruitful?

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Now it is worthwhile to dwell on the most productive varieties of broccoli cabbage.

The most fruitful broccoli varieties

  • "Tone" has a large, dense head of a dark green color. Lateral processes grow quickly, weigh up to 70 grams. Characterized by ripening after 2.5-3 months after emergence. The yield of 5.5-6.5 kg / m. sq.
  • "Monaco F1 " - Early hybrid of broccoli, the growing season lasts 70-75 days. The stem grows to 80 cm, the head can reach 2 kg of weight! It does not produce side shoots, but about 4.5 kg are collected per square meter per season. It is resistant to bacteriosis, cracking, has high commodity and transportable qualities.
  • "Lord F1 " - the early ripe hybrid ripening in 60-65 days, with a yield of 4 kg / m. sq. Gives large heads of 1.5 kg each. Stalk powerful, corrugated sheet, head round-flat, saturated green color, fine-grained. Gives an additional side processes, each of which can reach 200 grams. Recommended for open ground.

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