Yellow raspberry


Yellow raspberry, like red, is in great demand. It is easy to grow, so breeders are constantly creating new varieties. But in a wide variety it is not easy to understand. The article will contain popular, fruitful and remontant varieties of yellow raspberry with a capacious description.

What are the most popular varieties?

Popular raspberry varieties are not always distinguished by high qualities of berries or early ripening, they are simply available, they give a tasty harvest and children like it.

The most popular varieties of yellow raspberry

  • "Fugitive" - one of the most common varieties of yellow raspberry. Amateur and professional gardeners, who earn the cultivation of this berry, usually began his career with this variety. It is easy to maintain, it has excellent taste, but it is completely transportable - there is better straight from the branch. Bush srednerosly, almost no thorns. Raspberry is yellow, of a beautiful orange shade and weighing 2.5-3 g. Productivity - 2 kg from a bush.
  • "Amber" - a popular medium late variety, which, unlike many others, is easily transported over long and short distances. It grows a powerful bush up to 2.5 meters. The fruit is fragrant to 4 grams, honey-amber, sweet taste. From a bush about 3 kg of berries gather. Differs in resistance to frosts, diseases, parasites.
  • "Yellow dessert" admires lovers with fragrant, tasty, sweet and at the same time juicy berries. Otherwise, its performance is moderate or low. Productivity - 2 kg from a bush. The berries are small - 2 grams, pale yellow. Resistance to frost and disease - weak. However, spike is moderate, so it is not difficult to pick a berry. Variety refers to the early. It is recommended to warm it in winter, in which case the yield will be increased next year.

What are the best remontant varieties of yellow raspberry?

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Repairman varieties are in great demand, as the berries give a long time. While simple varieties are already moving away, these continue to bloom and produce juicy, tasty berries.

The best repair varieties of yellow raspberry

  • "Golden domes" - universal grade in use. Even with heat treatment, it does not lose its taste and pleasant smell. From the bush going 2 kg of berries. The taste is sweet with sour, delicate. The mass of one raspberry is 3.8 g. The berries have a yellow color, but when they perespevanii they change color to light orange and fall off from the branch.
  • "Yaroslavna" - variety of Ukrainian selection. From a bush about 4 kg of a harvest for a season gather. Berries are light orange, sweet in taste, juicy. The tasting score reaches 4.5 points out of 5. Berry weight is within 3.5 grams. It has an average transportability.
  • "Apricot" yellow raspberries can give up to 4 kg of crop per bush per season. The berries have a mass within 3 grams, juicy sweet, the taste is slightly reminiscent of apricot. The spikes are only on the bottom of the stem. The color of the berries apricot, slightly golden. Fruits in mid-July. The grade differs in the increased resistance to fungi and wreckers.
  • "Orange Miracle" has sweet-sour, yellow berries weighing 5.2-10 g. The yield from a bush is 2.5 kg. As a part of a grade there is a lot of ascorbic acid (68 mg / 100 g of raspberry). The fruit form is blunt-conical. It has a tendency to form new shoots. The bush can be quite sprawling, if not cut it in time. Berries are not intended for transportation.
  • "Golden autumn" - large-fruited variety. The berries are bright, golden-orange, weighing 7-11 g. The shape customary for raspberries is conical, rounded, slightly elongated. Fruits gives dense, so you can transport over long distances. The aroma is not strong, the taste is sweet. The autumn harvest is always greater than the summer (July) and averages 2.5 kg per bush. Frost resistance to -30 degrees.
  • "Morning dew" - high-yielding (3 kg from a bush), remontant look. It grows medium bush up to 1.7 meters. Fruits in late summer. Golden raspberry - 5-7 g, sweet and sour. In a drought, if there is not enough watering, the sweetness of the fruit decreases and the level of acid rises.

What are the most fruitful varieties?

Yellow raspberry fruitful varieties can not only feast on fresh berries, but also make harvesting of them for the winter or sell.

The most fruitful varieties of yellow raspberries

  • "Yellow Giant" - one of the most productive and common varieties. From a bush for a season it is possible to collect 5-9 kg of a crop! The culture has large fruits (5-12 g) of amber color and blunt-conical shape. The taste is sweet, juicy, very reminiscent of forest raspberries. The variety is medium early, ripens from mid-July to late August. The increased resistance to diseases and frost resistance (maintains frosts to-30 degrees). The disadvantage is that if the fruits are not collected on time, they will simply fall to the ground.
  • "Sweet yellow" With proper care, it gives 3.5-8 kg of raspberry from one bush. It grows with a small bush up to 1.9 m. The variety is medium early, moderately resistant to frost, therefore it is recommended to warm for the winter. Sweet, juicy, weighing 3-6 grams. There are many shoots, so autumn pruning is obligatory!
  • "Folgold" - remontant fruitful variety, for the season you can harvest up to 7 kg of ripe berries from a bush. This is one of the most promising types of yellow raspberry. The fruits are beautiful, neat, have a good, presentation. The color is golden, weight - 6 g. Resistant to strong frosts, as well as some diseases and pests.
  • "White spirin" - A well-known foreign variety with a yield of 3 kg per bush. The mass of one berry is 3 grams, the color is light yellow. Winter hardiness and resistance to pests, diseases is low, so the plant requires regular processing.
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